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London`s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree lights switched on
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REDAKCJA NPORTAL.no - Oslo | Norwegia

Opublikowano: 2011-12-15 22:19:25 +0100

LONDON -The lights on the famous Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square have been turned on. Since 1947 the pine tree in central London has been a gift from the people of Norway in recognition of Britain's support during World War II. For many, the Christmas tree lighting ceremonies and carol singing signal the countdown to Christmas.


The Norwegian Christmas Tree has come to symbolise the warm and close relationship between the people of Norway and the people of Britain. We enjoy close historical and economic links. The cultural affinity between the two nations has developed over the centuries and continues to grow

During the Second World War, King Haakon VII escaped to England as the Germans invaded in 1940.


This enabled the King to sustain the Norwegian government. The government headquarters was set up in London where the war news was broadcasted in Norwegian, along with messages and information that was vital to the resistance movement in Norway and gave the people hope and inspiration.


The Christmas tree is chosen with great care, usually many years before it is to be used. The forresters provide a lot of care for the tree, making sure it grows big and tall – and they often describe the tree as the ‘Queen of the Forrest’. After the tree has been carefully prepared it makes its journey across the pond on a big barge and is eventually set in the middle of Trafalga Square.


A special Lighting of the Tree ceromony is held at the beginning of December. 10,000 Londoners gather in Trafalga Square to participate in Christmas carols and to see the tree being lit. A nativity scene is placed on the west side of the suqare which is dedicated at a special service on the Sunday after the lighting ceremony.


The Norwegian Spruce was selected from a forest near Oslo in November and was then shipped across the North Sea and transferred by lorry to Trafalgar Square


The 72ft (22m) tree is more than 100 years old and is decorated with 500 lights using halogen bulbs. Throughout the Christmas Season Londoners visit Trafalga Square to participate in the celebrations, sing carols and donate to charities.


The tree will be lit from noon until midnight each day until 6 January, when it will be recycled.


Norwegian Christmas trees are also given to the cities of Coventry, Newcastle, Sunderland and Edinburgh, and also the Orkney Islands.



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